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Greetings from Canada and happy new year!

Before I get started on my new years resolution of posting here on a regular basis I wanted to make some predictions for the coming year. A chance to peek into the crystal ball and make some educated guesses as to what will impact schools, classrooms and learning this year. I can look back in 359 days and see if I was missed the mark or hit things right on.

Here are my top 5 predictions for 09′

1) Location, Location, Location – Geography will heat up in 09′

2009 will be the year of GPS. Camera, phones and computers are all starting to come loaded with GPS devices and this will dramatically change the way people think about place and location. “Geo-tagging” will gain more momentum this year as tools are developed that allow users to attach geographic information easily to just about anything. Student will gain a new and authentic appreciation for latitude and longitude when they are able to geo-tag their iphone pictures and throw them into google earth with one click.

2) “We have to do things in a new way” – 2009 participatory government begins

If you havn’t visited the Change.gov site since the U.S election wrapped up a few months ago then its worth visiting just to see how this new administration is already using social media tools of all kinds to engage to the public, stimulate discussion and create open and transparent lines communication with the population that elected them. If there was ever a doubt about the power these tools have and their relevance in todays classrooms one need only read and watch this address to see that a new age is upon us and we should all be running to keep up.

3) Twitter and micro-blogging will be solidified as news sources this year.

For those of us who use Twitter or any other micro-blogging platform on a regular basis the power is easy to see. For the vast majority of people these tools are still no more than strange words lacking context or application. This will be the year that changes all that. The recent events in Israel and Gaza have seen participatory media applications like Twitter and Youtube used not only by individuals on the ground to describe what is going on but now also by the states/governments in conflict to shape the news for their own purposes.

Media literacy for our teachers and students has never been more important.

4) Net Neutrality will be a major issue in 09′

You wouldn’t know it but in Canada there is a war going on over the internet and who controls it. It might be going on where you live as well. This year will see this issue bubble over and leap onto the front page as governments, business and the public all wrestle for control of this frontier.

What is Network Neutrality?

Network neutrality is the principle that all information that is sent over the Internet should be treated equally. What does that really mean? It means that ISPs should not influence the content that you see or the applications that you use. Network neutrality is a design principle which aims to allow the transmission of all kinds of information and the use of all kinds of applications. It also means that all sites will load the same, and users are free to go to sites of their choosing.

For more info see: http://whatisnetneutrality.ca/

5) MUSIC will be set Free – DRM will die this year.

Since the birth of the MP3 teachers, students and parents have all shared conversations about downloading music and the right and responsibilities surrounding the distribution of this art form. Itunes sold its 6 billionth song last year however until now all songs had DRM or digital rights management attached. I believe this year will see the end of this which has MAJOR implications for the future of copyright, creative commons and creativity accross the globe.

Hold tight!

A look ahead
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