Internet Safety – Debunking Conventional Wisdom

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Search Engine is a weekly podcast hosted by Jesse Brown of the CBC . It focuses on current issues surrounding technology and social media. A few weeks back this episode was aired which revealed some interesting findings from a US wide study on the online solicitation of minors. The finding are really interesting. I have edited the podcast down to just the segment dealing with internet safety to save you time. I recommend adding this program to your regular listening list. It is always quality.

Internet Safety

Click on the link to play the clip: The State of Internet Safety

Some interesting quotes from the show.

“Kids do encounter frequent sexual harrassment, abuse and solicitation online but it is far more likely to come from other kids.”

“We could find no cases where solicitation of minors occurred on social media sites like Facebook and myspace”

“Law reinforcement is far more successful at luring predators than predators are at luring kids”

“Some at risk teens actively seek out attention online and engage in risky behavior in unmonitored chatrooms”

What do you think?

Are we starting to come out from under a veil of conventional wisdom that has led us to believe that the internet is full of predators and is unsafe?

If our students are the ones causing most of the problems where should we be directing our energy?

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