Looking For Learning In 21st Century Classrooms

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Presenting a workshop at the Lower Canada College “Re-Think IT” conference. Alan November doing the keynote.
A leadership guide to supporting and coaching best practice technology use across the curriculum.

Administrators are given the charge to foster professional development of teachers through classroom observation, walk-throughs and overall supervision. In recent years, technology has changed significantly and the world has altered alongside that change. Education has begun the process of including technology, but finds variety in teacher expertise and practice. What questions can supervisors ask of their teachers to best

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  1.   Dennis Harter Says:

    Great presentation, Justin. One that all administrators should see and think about. I’ll start with me!

    Thanks for be willing to share the slides. I know that they wouldn’t have done justice to the quality of hearing you present them live.

    Ps. Can you update blogroll to new Building Understanding blog. You never know…

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