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Over here at ISB we are always thinking about innovative ways to broaden, strengthen and improve the technology awareness and skill sets of our teachers. It is a dilemma all schools are facing and if you are reading this, you are well aware of it as well.

Jeff over at the thinking stick recently posted about Individual Educational Technology Plans for teachers and students and some of the interesting things Doug Johnson had to say at this years EARCOS conference. Some cool thinking going on here. Since we know that teachers like students are all on different learning continuum’s when it comes to technology would something like a IETP be helpful in ensuring accountability and skill growth for teachers while still respecting the fact that acquiring these new skills takes time and effort? How hard would it be to manage?

In steps the Personal Learning Environment or what I like to call your PD TREE.

If you had to map the sources of your own professional development, what would the root system that feeds your learning look like?
Where do you look to gain new knowledge and information that helps you become a more informed citizen?

What mediums does this information come in and how much control do you have over it?

Who, what and where are your main sources for current information that help you develop and improve as a teacher?

Where and how do you enhance your own skills?
Are these not good questions to ask all teachers to reflect on?

Ray Sim’s over at Sims Learning Connections recently shared his own Personal Learning Environment and I found it really impressive. More importantly it is an example of what is POSSIBLE with today’s access to information.

Having teachers map their own PD Trees would very quickly expose gaps in knowledge ,skill, and awareness in staff and provide an easy guide for further PD training in areas like RSS, Blogs, Forums etc.

Imagine if everyone shared their trees?

I plan on designing my own in the coming weeks and posting it here to share. I encourage you to do the same and if you do please let me know.

Tomorrow I will be presenting to the ISB admin team about Web 2.0 tools and how they can enhance teaching and learning in our classrooms. I certainly will be bringing this image up as an example of how some administrators are tackling and leveraging the information landscape to stay current and customize their own learning and development.

Personal Learning environment

Click on the picture to get the whole view as the entire image does not show up in this post.

One thought on “Yes P.L.Ease!! – Personal Learning Environments

  1. Let’s do it! I like the idea…I am going to map myself over the holiday. Let’s share, post, and get teachers on board. This could be big.

    On a side note, can you change your blogroll to include Thinking Allowed instead of Harter Learning? That is if you still want to keep me there. The shift is now complete.

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